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As a waste prducer you have a duty to ensure that your general Waste & Recyling is contained and collected regulary

Zeus Recycling can collect your General Waste and Recycling and will then dispose of the said waste at a fully licenced facility.

We have a wide range of containers for your General Waste & Recycling for more information please fill in the form 

What is General Trade Waste?

All business produce General waste but what is it ?  General waste is the term given to materials not easily recycled such as Hard Plastics, food soiled containers E.G a pizza box. General waste should be where possible second to a recycling service such as mixed recycling or a  glass collection.

General Waste Collection

Zeus Recycling works hard to provide a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ solution for all our customers alike, we make sure all General Waste is treated and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly means available. Most of the waste we collect is disposed sorted through to take out all the materials that can be recycled such and paper, Card and Glass to name a few.  The material that are left over such as food soiled containers are then sent on to Energy From Waste  plant (EFW) this helps us to insure 100% of waste is kept away from landfill.

All Our containers can be used for both Recycling and General waste along with a frequency of Weekly,fortnightly or Monthly collections 
Trade Waste bin 360

360 Ltr

Trade Waste Bin 660 Ltr

660 Ltr

Trade Waste Bin 1100 Ltr

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