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Glass – the Superhero of Recycling

Our Specialised Glass Recycling Services is there to make Recycling Glass easier. We collect mixed glass, so there is no need to pre sort and separate your coloured glass.

The glass Recycling Service compliments our General waste and Mixed Recycling service, by adding a glass recycling service to your current waste management solution you could save ££s as well as helping to save the environment  

Are you a Pub,Nightclub or Restaurant?

Do you produce high volumes of Glass Waste ? With our low prices and our great services Zeus Recycling will not be beaten on our glass recycling service.

We offer great rates to business that produce large volumes of waste glass

How Our Service Works

We first conduct a waste audit for your business. Once we have a full understanding of your business’s needs, we create a bespoke service tailored to your waste volumes and specific requirements. We can supply a range of glass collection service options, from weekly or fortnightly scheduled service to a ‘call and collect’ service.
Our 240 Ltr and 360 Ltr containers are ideal for glass collections 
Trade Waste bin 360

360 Ltr